I.S. Beauty Bird  Place of breeding and developing variety of beauty bird

Khun Issada (or) and Khun Surapong Yunood (ood) have began breeding the Lovebird in 1999.


Breeding experience
For the first 4 years in (1999-2002)

With the hope to breed with race development it has been recorded by ring lag. This is because quality is more important than quantity. To expand area and quantity of bird is therefore gradual increasing. First 2 years are a period of learning and exchange experiences . Third years and fourth year we are trying to get knowledge from many sources for example training and seminar and study information from book both in the country and oversea .

Year 5 (2003)
It is the year the government allow to register and possess reserved animal .
I.S. Beauty Bird
has registered and breed some Thai bird too.

Year 6 (2004)
There was a bird flu , many breeders gave up but I.S. Beauty Bird believe that beauty bird is the pet that people both local and international counties are interested .
I.S. Beauty Bird use that opportunity to adjust and modify place and change parents breed emphasizing the scare one and breeding personal interest .

Year 7 years (2005)
It is a period of selection and parents bird breeding to be perfect and successfully to breed white eye ring Sable Double Yellow which are acceptable to be colorful and beautiful , sharp tongued. It is also the year to open and get to be known as reliability of quality of the bird.

Year 8-9 (2006-2007)
I.S. Beauty Bird has found that beauty birds are interested both people locally and abroad to raise as pet even periodically news of bird flu spreading. But most people begin to understand the spread of bird flu , pet raising and how to protect themselves. I.S. Beauty Bird then has modified place and go further to produce and develop emphasizing quality.

Website has been set up and open on August 30 , 2006 with good response both inside and outside the county.

Year 10-12 (2008-2010)
I.S. Beauty Bird successful to produced of Sable Lutino , Pied Dominant Yellow Suffuse, Pied Dominant Sable in the specy of Green and have been brought in addition for Opaline whiteface.

Present 13 years old (2011)
I.S. Beauty Bird successful to produced of beauty and good quality to meet market demand.

Today I.S. Beauty Bird
 is producing White Eye - ring

Pied type : Pied Dominant , Pied Dominant sable , Pied Dominant Slaty
Yellow type : Sable Double Yellow , Sable Lutino

Today I.S. Beauty Bird  is producing non eye ring

Opaline : Whiteface , Orangeface , Redface
Lutino : Orangeface , Redface

Exporting Lovebirds...

Export can be arranged if destination country is able to issue import permit by order
I.S. Beauty Bird will proceed step by step to export in case specified to be under control of cites for applying cites paper and / or proceed the export procedure of Livestock Department for Certificate of Health.

As Lovebirds are restricted animal by CITES policy therefore in order for us to ship our lovebirds to you, you will be require to apply for an import permit from your country of residence. The permit along with the Certificate of health, issued for our birds, will allow us to ship lovebirds to you.


My brief-case......              Size Width x Length x Height
                                            = 14" x 34" x 5.5"
                                            divided into 12 holes with water and food
                                            provided so that the bird can stay for
                                            1 - 2 day in each.

I.S. Beauty Bird  Culture

Apart from beautiful Lovebird with various colors you can find other kinds of bird such as African Gray ,
Ring - necked, Alexandrine Parakeet , Red breasted Parakeet and Blue rumped Parrot.

648 Navamin Road, Soi Navamin 12, Khlongchan Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Mobile  :  66 - 89 - 144 - 9470
Fax.      :  66 - 2 - 733 - 3794
Email    :  issada_or@yahoo.com , issada_or@isbeautybird.com


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